One afternoon Jamie is so bored she forms lips with her left hand and kisses it. She is missing passion in her life. Her husband, Joe, always ready with a snide remark, catches her in the act. This time he's speechless when Jamie quips that she's "having an affair." The story is told in Jamie's irreverent voice and blends two timelines--that of Jamie's young years with her teenage soulmate, then her troubled marriage and ensuing Hollywood affair.

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What Others Are Saying About

Love Madly

By Tracey Hooker

Ms. Hooker beautifully and realistically recounts the imperfect relationships in which we often find ourselves and a daring decision made in spite of potential fallout. "Love Madly" is a poignantly relatable story that artfully explores the "what could have been," describing in moving detail both the joys and tragedies of choices taken. Look forward to seeing what is next for this author!

James Craig

Amazon 5-Star Review

This is a deeply moving story of the self realization of a woman, from girlhood to womanhood. It is also a story of the lifelong growth of a love between two friends, from adolescence into adulthood. I was brought to tears as this tender and honest story unfolded. A story of poignant sadness and great joy.

Fran Blyth

Amazon 5-Star Review

Tracey Hooker's book is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Her character's self-aware love dilemma comes through in sincere longing and in earnest conversations. Tracey's prose brings alive the culture of the book's era with clever music and fashion references along with events of that day. The trajectory of simmering love intensifying on the one hand and dying on the other are mixed ingeniously so the reader feels the tug and pull inherent in each interaction. Marvelously written, this love story grabs the reader start to finish, leaving an impression of how roughly life can treat us, but not without a few moments of joy along the way. Highly recommended!

Jim Reed

Amazon 5-Star Review

"Always love and acknowledge.

An amazing love story."

"An unfolding story of complicated love."

"A poignant and passionate exploration

of young and old love."

"Heartwarming and heartbreaking."

"An unfinished love story."


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